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Your views wanted on the automated vehicles consultation

14 January 2019

The Department for Transport is consulting on future law changes for the safe use of automated vehicles in the UK.

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Disability Rights UK will be responding to this consultation and would like to hear your views. Please email philip.connolly@disabiityrightsuk.org by 1 February 2019 with the word ‘automation’ in the subject box of your email.

The consultation suggests that, in future, cars with automated driving systems will not have drivers but instead a “user-in-charge” who would need to be ready to take control of a vehicle in situations where automation is likely cause an accident.

The good thing about automated cars is that they have the ‘potential to offer enhanced mobility to those who are currently unable to drive, such as disabled persons’.

Key considerations in the consultation

  • Liability for accidents/injury when a vehicle is automated - the user-in-charge would be liable in some situations, but not others

  • Changes/additions to the current driving test – including possibly separate test categories, which are currently illegal under EU law

  • Possible licence changes for specially adapted vehicles

The consultation closes on 8 February 2019.