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One in five Universal Credit claims fail

14 May 2018

New data reveals that one in five claims for Universal Credit are being turned down for failing to comply with its claim process.

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According to data released under the Freedom of Information Act, which analysed applications for Universal Credit over one month, a fifth were turned down because of “non-compliance with the process”.

Of those, half failed to book an initial interview.

Universal Credit rules state that if the claimant has not called a helpline to set up an interview within a week of making their application, their claim may be closed.

In addition, a total of 6% of all applications were ended because applicants failed to sign a “claimant commitment” setting out the conditions of their payment.

A further 4% had their application closed for failing to attend an interview at a jobcentre.

With around 100,000 new claims for universal credit each month, this could mean that tens of thousands of claimants will have their claims closed without receiving payment.

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