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Contribute to a research project on workers with mild learning disabilities

18 June 2018

Rebecca Warrillow is trying to recruit participants for a research study she is undertaking for her Masters degree.

MA dissertation proposal

Information for participants

Easy read information for participants

People with learning disabilities can find it hard to secure paid employment, to meet job requirements at times, and to maintain uninterrupted periods of service in a job.

The extent of these difficulties depends on the nature and severity of the person’s learning disabilities and how they are treated and supported by others in the workplace and elsewhere.

Given the positive effects that employment can have on health, self-esteem, independence and social relationships, it is vital to equip and support people with learning disabilities to enter and succeed in the job market.

This dissertation project aims to assess how people with learning disabilities experience the move into work for the first time and how the person’s identity or sense of self influences these transitions and vice versa.

Rebecca is looking for 5 participants who have mild learning disabilities who have recently started working in a paid job for the first time and who fit the below criteria:

  • the person must be in their first paid job for no longer than 10 months
  • the research cannot include people with aspergers (ASD)

The closing date of applications for this research is Sunday 1st July 2018. 

If you are based near Hampshire, the interview would likely be face to face. If you live further away, the interview would take place over Skype or FaceTime. Anyone taking part in the study would need to read, understand and sign the participant information sheet. This can be emailed back to Rebecca or given at the interview if face to face.

If you would like to be a participant or would like to find out more about the research please email Rebecca UP840475@myport.ac.uk

 Anyone interested see the Information for Participants above.


University of Portsmouth