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MEPS postpone EU copyright law issue till the autumn

05 July 2018

MEPs voted by a margin of 40 to delay implementation of controversial new copyright law.

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On 20 June, the European Parliament’s Committee on Legal Affairs (JURI) voted to proceed with a bill on copyright in the digital single market. The Bill was then put forward for vote by the rest of the EU Parliament.

MEPs voted against the Bill in its current form, deciding to look at again in September 2018.

Paul McCartney, Annie Lennox and Placido Domingo are among 1,300 musicians who want the law changed because they sites like YouTube and Facebook cheat musicians out of royalties because of users illegally uploading their music.

But many feel the Bill goes too far and would needlessly censor the web.

A petition against the reforms led by critical MEPs called Save Your Internet has gathered over 700,000 signatures.

Article 13 of the Bill would require web platforms provided by Google, Microsoft, Wikipedia and internet companies to install copyright filters on material posted – basically any website that allows users to post text, images, sounds or code will need a way to assess and filter content, including your web host. This could prevent people from seeing important information if these automatic filters block them for reasons of copyright.

In addition to this, Article 11 could require web publishers, such as Disability Rights UK and other charities, to pay a 'link tax' when posting snippets of news from other outlets, which may hinder our ability to link to key reports and news items.

Article 13 threatens everything you do on the internet - copyright #SaveYourInternet