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Extra costs hit disabled people in all areas of life

20 February 2018

New research by the charity Scope reveals that disabled people pay a financial penalty in life on everyday living costs – on average £570 per month, with one in five paying over £1,000 extra per month.

Read Scope press release

  • On average, half of income goes on disability related costs
  • 20% of disabled people pay over £1,000 per month extra 
  • Scope calls for a ‘complete rethink’ on how we tackle the ‘disability price tag

Extra costs mean that disabled people are left with less money in their pocket than non-disabled people. The charity’s analysis found that for every £100 a disabled person earns, their spending power is just £67. This is even accounting for the impact of Personal Independence Payment, the benefit designed to counteract these extra costs. 

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