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Consultation on extending personal budgets

16 April 2018

Personal health budgets and integrated personal budgets: extending legal rights.

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Within the NHS, there is an ever-growing shift towards personalisation of health and care. It is clear that choice and personalisation matter to people; uptake of personalised health and care plans within the NHS has increased annually since implementation, and evidence suggests that by providing individuals with more choice and control over how their individual needs are met, outcomes often improve, satisfaction often increases, and the package of care can often be delivered in a more cost-effective manner.

The government is consulting on:

  • extending the right to have a personal health budget to specific groups of people
  • extending the right to have an integrated personal budget to specific groups of people
  • whether individuals would welcome the opportunity to incorporate additional funding streams into integrated personal budgets

This consultation closes at 11:59pm on 8 June 2018. Disability Rights UK will be responding.