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UNITE: The new magazine aimed at people with disabilities

16 November 2017

UNITE is a new magazine aimed at people with disabilities and those parents and carers fighting for the rights of their disabled children.

UNITE wants to highlight the issues of inequality that unfortunately still exist in our society, challenge the problems and ask for answers. Its aim is to give disabled people a platform to have their voices heard.

Editorial will showcase campaigns and petitions fighting for the rights of disabled people, UNITE aims to work with various charities and disabled people’s organisations to highlight prominent issues that affect people of all ages with physical disabilities, learning disabilities and sensory impairments.

UNITE will have regular columnists sharing their personal views and opinions, interviews with leading personalities in the disability community and everyday people sharing their experiences. 

To claim your first free issue please visit Unite 1 free copy

To continue receiving UNITE Magazine to your front door every month, UNITE has a special offer of a 30% discount for 12 issues.

Please enter Unite17 in the coupon box at the checkout on their Join Us page

"We want UNITE magazine to ignite passions, start conversations and initiate change. Are you with us?"