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Get £1599 of training absolutely free

05 May 2017

Disability Rights UK, in partnership with e-Careers and the British Gas Energy Trust, are offering all UK members who are in receipt of one of several benefits*, £1,599 of training, for absolutely free.

Students will be given a choice of over 60 employability courses including training in Sales, Project Management, Customer Services and Business to boost skills and knowledge, providing learners with greater opportunities in a professional environment.

The process for signing up to the training is very simple. If you’re interested in this opportunity, click on the link below, fill in your details on the enquiry form and an advisor will be in contact with you to process your request. All you need available is your contact details, National Insurance Number and a copy of your latest benefit/statement correspondence to be qualified. Once approved you will be given immediate access to your courses which you will get 12 months access to.

All training is available online, meaning you can study anytime over the 12-month period, all you need is a stable internet connection and you’ll be able to log on and enjoy your courses.

If you would like further information, you can email info@e-careers.com, or alternatively, phone 02034573795

*To see the list of qualifying benefits and apply for the training CLICK HERE