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Consultation: Have your say on your taxi service in London

20 March 2017

The contracts for both the Taxicard and Dial-a-Ride services are up for renewal and London Councils may make changes in the future that could affect you.

For example, the service could change to use more black taxis and fewer private hire vehicles, or it could change to use more private hire vehicles and fewer black taxis.

Changes to the service may also impact upon the cost to you (or the number of trips available) availability of vehicles, waiting times and the nature of the service e.g. upgrading from a “kerb-to-kerb” to a “door-to-door” service.

To help design the new contract, London Councils want to know what you think of your current service and how you think certain changes could affect you. Find out more

Views wanted by Wednesday 5 April 2017.