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Channel 4 highlights ILF Postcode lottery

05 October 2016

Last night Channel 4 news claimed that 80 per cent of councils have cut the funding for disabled people, following their transfer from the Independent Living Fund (ILF).

View film on Channel 4 website

This news item confirms Disability Rights UKs own findings, when in 2014 and 2015 we asked councils their plans for handling the transfer of ILF.

Allowing for those councils who failed to respond to our Freedom of Information requests the finding are remarkably similar, with most councils saying they would not ringfence transferred ILF money.

Our Deputy CEO Sue Bott says:

“As predicted, the situation has turned out to be pretty grim for former recipients of the ILF.  We should also remember those who have been excluded from the Fund since 2010 when it closed to new applicants.  Thousands of disabled people now find themselves confined to their own homes having only the basics of life maintained with no opportunity to take part in society as equal citizens. This brings shame on us all.”

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