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Three in five win PIP appeals but the process is off putting

07 April 2016

61% of rejected claims for the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) are overturned on appeal - inflicting unnecessary stress and extra expense on people, say campaigners.

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Paralympian Tanni Grey-Thompson, a campaigner for disabled people and DR UK ambassador, said the rate of successful appeals exposed a system that "isn't working".

Lady Grey-Thompson said:

"There must be so much money wasted - I want the Government to look at this urgently. It is very stressful to go to an appeal. It can take a lot of time and you may not have very much money while it is going on."

Liz Sayce, CEO Disability Rights UK, said:

"Appeals can take a year to be heard - that's a year that people might have to make do with a significant drop of income when they have the additional costs of disability.

'Many disabled people simply give up. They can't face the stress and grief of going through a further process to try and get benefit, even when they're entitled to it."