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Our position on the proposed Assisted Dying Bill

10 September 2015

Our view concerning the debate in parliament on Rob Marris’ Private Members’ Bill on assisted suicide - 11 September 2015

Assisted Dying (No. 2) Bill 2015-16

This is a complex issue on which people hold different, passionately held views. Disability Rights UK respects those different views.

For us, the main campaigning challenge is to get rights to independent living in practice: that is, being able to live the life you want to lead, including when you live with life threatening conditions or are nearing the end of life. For instance, being able to live at home if you wish to, and be with family and friends; having the right support to do this; having effective palliative care, including pain relief, and support for you and those close to you.

Right now there is no guarantee those are in place. We worry that a choice to die could be an illusory choice - if there is no real alternative option to live decently with the support you require.

There are, therefore, some real risks in changing the law at this time. This needs good debate amongst disabled people including members of Disability Rights UK.