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The Marbles Jackson

06 March 2015

When the band Marbles Jackson were raising pledges to fund their debut album 'Notes To The Dust' 10% of the money raised went to Disability Rights UK

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Here’s what people say about The Marbles Jackson:

“I fell in love with this as soon as I heard it and I think you WILL, too.“ – Guy Garvey (BBC 6Music)

 “…. lush, slowcore tracks with gorgeous harmonies, each of which build up into something of a slow crescendo and come on like The Velvet Underground & Nico having a late breakfast with Mazzy Star on December 27th. Gorgeous.” (Deadly Music)

 “Is chamber post rock alt country already a thing? I’ve never heard of the super sub genre combo, but if it exists I imagine that The Marbles Jackson would safely qualify for the ultra specific label…” (The Record Stache)

“…. ahhhh, beautiful…” – Jarvis Cocker (BBC 6Music)

The Marbles Jackson