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Equally Ours launched today

19 November 2013

This morning saw the launch of Equally Ours, a major new initiative aimed at promoting awareness of human rights.

Equally Ours aims to help everyone understand how human rights benefit all of us in the UK, every day, in very practical ways; that they are an important part of our shared heritage.

It is a partnership between the Equality and Diversity Forum, Age UK, the British Institute of Human Rights, the Children’s Rights Alliance for England, Disability Rights UK, Mind, René Cassin and Runnymede Trust but we want other organisations to get involved.

Equally Ours wants to brings charities and voluntary organisations together to share their stories of how human rights matter to the people they support – people from all backgrounds and all walks of life.

They have prepared a briefing, available on the Equally Ours website. Soon more resources will be available on the site to help you promote human rights issues.

Follow Equally Ours on Twitter @EquallyOurs

Visit the website at www.equally-ours.org.uk

From the event see also:

Marie Staunton, Chair, Equality and Diversity Forum
Panel members - Richard Hawkins, Common Cause,  Alana Avery, Project Manager at On Road Media, Fiona Bawden, freelance journalist and Natasha Walter, journalist and founder of Women for Refugee Women
Reporting back from workshops.
Reporting back from workshops.