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BBC Ouch article praises Radar key

21 May 2013

People who need to use a locked disabled loo can now 'go' in peace”

BBC Ouch have done an article on our very own Radar key. Our key opens more than 9,000 accessible toilets in the UK. The first Radar toilet opened in 1981. Since then, more than 400 local authorities and thousands of businesses have joined the scheme.

The key was first created so that disabled people could have access to toilets, specifically for their own use, in public areas, office blocks, pubs or restaurants.

Having a locked toilet ensures it is not misused by other users. Owning a key prevents the embarrassment of needing to ask for one.

The article also says how the key's simplicity has led to widespread piracy with unofficial sellers pedalling cheap copies.

Official Radar keys cost £5.40, including postage and packing. You can buy one from the Disability Rights UK shop.

We also produce National Key Scheme region guides, which list the location of every Radar toilet in your area.

Please note we no produce a smartphone app.

To see the BBC article go to www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-ouch-22602836