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Motability: Fuel-mileage-vehicle-tax-insurance

The Motability Scheme


You will have to pay for the fuel you use, so it is worth calculating likely fuel costs before making a decision on which car to have. Car manufacturers publish details to guide you. The higher the miles per gallon figure, the further you can drive on the same amount of fuel.

Excess mileage cost

If you opt for a three-year contract hire lease, you are entitled to drive 60,000 miles over the three-year period of your agreement – 20,000 miles each year. When the car is returned, you will have to pay 5p per mile for any extra mileage used. For a five-year lease, the allowance is 100,000 miles.

Vehicle tax and insurance

Under the scheme your vehicle tax will be paid each year. As part of your contract hire lease you should also receive insurance cover and free replacement tyres and windscreens when needed.

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