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EGM March 2012

On 21 March Disability Rights UK held an event which combined a debate on disabled people in the UK 2012 together with the final election of our trustees

The Debate - Are disabled people now powerless

The debate examined disabled people’s position in the UK at a time of significant public service reductions and cuts to direct benefits and was aimed at helping shape the work and future of Disability Rights UK.

Disability Rights UK would like to thank the following panelists who participated and gave their time:

  • Roger Berry (formerly co-chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Disability)
  • Linda Burnip (Disabled People Against the Cuts)
  • Stephen Brookes, (co-ordinator of the National Hate Crime Network)
  • Neil Crowther, (formerly Director of Human Rights at the Equality and Human Rights Commission)

Election of trustees at the EGMs

Members were asked to agree a series of amendments to the current Articles to enable the three legacy charities to become subsidiaries of Disability Rights UK and have the same Board of Trustees. Members of Disability Rights UK were also asked to elect six trustees to serve on the Board of Disability Rights UK along with the three Founder Trustees (who are the chairs of Disability Alliance, the National Centre for Independent Living and Radar).

The trustees elected on the day were Ian Loynes, Roger Berry, Asif Hussain, Anne Beales, Lorraine Gradwell and Jane Cordell. For more information see their biographies.

Our full list of trustees is now:

  1. Anne Beales
  2. Roger Berry
  3. Michael Bromwich
  4. Jane Cordell
  5. Lorraine Gradwell
  6. Phil Friend – Vice-Chair
  7. Asif Hussain
  8. Ian Loynes
  9. Kate Nash – Chair
  10. Mike Smith – Treasurer

This event was held at the Central Library, 2 Fieldway Crescent, London, N5 1PF and was kindly sponsored by: