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Medical information links

ableize disability directory
Covers all aspects of disability from arts, education, sports and support and contains the largest UK disabled groups and clubs section on the Internet with listings for all UK counties.

action for m.e.
Dedicated to improving the lives of people with M.E. At the forefront of the campaign for more research, better treatments and services since 1987, and also provides information and support to people affected by M.E.

American website which has information on Mesothelioma.

Has a directory of medical conditions affecting children that includes information about rare disorders.

Features information about thousands of different medications and drugs currently on the market or previously available worldwide including details about associated side effects.

Explains the abbreviations used by doctors in medical reports.

mesothelioma group
Has information on mesothelioma within the UK.

nhs direct
Has a directory of medical conditions and treatments.

pain concern
Pain Concern is a registered charity offering information and support for people who live with pain, those who care for and about them. It campaigns on pain issues, provides a helpline for pain sufferers, a quarterly Pain Matters magazine, a forum and free leaflets to help people manage their pain.

Stroke4carers.org is a website for unpaid stroke carers, families and friends of anyone affected by stroke illness. It provides advice, information and support on a variety of topics from time of diagnosis to months or years later.