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Income support in hospital

The day you are admitted is treated as a day out of hospital and the day you are discharged is treated as a day in hospital.

Income support is paid for an indefinite period as long as the other qualifying conditions are met. Certain premiums and housing costs are affected:

  • Your severe disability premium will stop after four weeks if you are in hospital and you lose your attendance allowance, disability living allowance care component, or personal independence payment or adult disability payment daily living component. If you have a partner who is not in hospital and who also qualifies for the severe disability premium, they will continue to get it.
  • Your carer premium will stop 8 weeks after your carer’s allowance stops.
  • After 52 weeks you will lose the disability premium, enhanced disability premium and higher pensioner premium unless you have a partner who meets the conditions for the premium themselves.
  • Once you have been in hospital for a continuous period of 52 weeks, if you have no dependants living in your home, you can no longer get income support housing costs. If you have dependants or other people living in your home, their right to benefit depends on their own circumstances. If you are one of a couple and have been in hospital for 52 weeks, you and your partner are treated as separate claimants.

Income support can continue to be paid during a temporary absence abroad for the purpose of receiving NHS hospital treatment.