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How is the work capability assessment applied?

Work capability assessment

A Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) decision maker looks at the information you have provided with your claim for universal credit or employment and support allowance to see, without having to make further enquiries, if there is evidence that you have a limited capability for work and for work-related activity. If the decision maker considers they do not have such evidence, they will send you a capability for work questionnaire for you to complete.

Once the decision maker has received your completed questionnaire, they may decide that there is clear evidence that you have a limited capability for work (and possibly work-related activity). If not, you will be assessed by a healthcare professional working for the Health Assessment Advisory Service. This is operated by Maximus, the organisation delivering the assessment on behalf of the DWP.

Even if the DWP decision maker decides that you do not pass the limited capability for work assessment, they can still treat you as having passed it if one of the exceptional circumstances applies.

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