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Get Yourself Active celebrates its fourth year

On Monday 25th March Get Yourself Active hosted its end of Year 4 celebratory event and we released the key findings from its latest evaluation report.

The event saw two key note speeches from James Sanderson, Director of Personalised Care Group at NHS England and Mike Diaper OBE, Executive Director of Children and Young People, Tackling Inactivity at Sport England. This was followed by an informative panel discussion and talks led by Disability Rights UK staff members.

Evaluation Report of Get Yourself Active Released

The GYA report aimed to capture learning about ‘what worked’ and ‘why’ when it came to increasing the number of physical activity opportunities for disabled people. The report is broken down into three strands of engagement work: local coordinator; supporting social workers; and co-production so you can focus on what's most relevant for you.

Physical Activity for Disabled Adults Chief Medical Officer Guidelines

In 2011 the UK Chief Medical Officers’ (CMOs) physical activity guidelines were produced for four age groups, from under 5s to older adults. However, with sparse physical activity evidence on disability at the time, the guidelines omitted disabilities at any age. To address this, in 2018 Public Health England (PHE) tasked the researchers to review the evidence and, if sufficient, co-produce evidence-based recommendations in an appropriate format. 

Social Worker Guidelines

These guidelines are about giving you practical steps to help you in your role supporting disabled people to live happy and healthy lives and achieve outcomes associated with this.


Get Yourself Active worked with Owen Lowery, an individual with lived experience, and the University of Birmingham to create and test this composite story of disabled people discussing the benefits that physical activity brings to them. The results from this research will be published shortly, but you can view the video now.

New Website

Our website is undergoing a makeover. We are aiming to make it simpler for all of our stakeholders to find what they need to help kickstart conversations on physical activity, learn about coproduction and get disabled people active in a way that's right for them.

Keep checking back over the next month for more updates.


If you were unable to attend our celebratory event - or even if you did but you want to know more - then you can learn about GYA's research and evaluation from our project partners.

In the next few months we will be delivering two short Webinars for you to sign up to.

  • Professor Brett Smith, Head of Research, School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences, University of Birmingham: led on the development of the Social Worker Guidelines, the CMO guidelines and the testing of the composite case study.
  • Tim Bidey, Senior Consultant, Traverse: led on the Get Yourself Active monitoring and evaluation over the past four years, who will be discussing the findings of the report.

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