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MPs' Guide on Disability

Guide designed to ensure that MPs are fully equipped to meet the needs of, and to represent, their disabled constituents.

MPs' Guide on Disability, is intended to empower MPs to represent their disabled constituents fully.  This publication is rooted in the 'social model' of disability: people are disabled by discriminatory attitudes and social or environmental barriers, which can be changed.  Removing these barriers will free us to contribute as full and equal citizens and help tackle wider social problems from child poverty to crime. 

Liz Sayce, Chief Executive of Disability Rights UK, says:

“It is absolutely vital that Parliamentary representatives are accessible to disabled people, and we have made a significant contribution to this with our guide. The 'MPs’ Guide on Disability' has set the standard for and shown the way for over 7 years, and can be found on the bookshelf of every MP. I would like to thank the sponsor HSBC who made this possible.”

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