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Let's Stop Disability Hate Crime Guidance

Disability hate crime has a profound effect on disabled people’s lives

To truly tackle it there needs to be an increase in the number of crimes, and incidents, that are reported. Until, the majority of these crimes are reported there will never be a true picture of the prevalence of disability hate crime in this country and nothing will change.

By reporting disability hate crime you are enabling your local police force to get a better picture of disability hate crime in your area. This could mean that further disability hate crimes are prevented because the police have a better understanding of the amount of crime in their area and they can use that information to better tackle it.

We want to empower disabled people and their organisations to tackle disability hate crime by:

  • Developing a national independent disability hate crime reporting centre;
  • Providing guidance on minimum standards for such reporting centres to empower disabled people’s organisations to set up their own reporting centres; and
  • Raising disabled people’s awareness of disability hate crime and incidents and how to report them.

You can download the guidance documents: