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Empowerment - A guide to influencing your local services

'Empowerment - A guide to influencing your local services' to support, inform and enable disabled people to influence the local decision making processes – taking an active part in the services we receive.

Empowerment is about inclusion, about being included in local issues and services that affect you.  It is about getting your voice heard where it most matters and has maximum impact.  It is about not being forgotten and brushed under the carpet.  It is about making decision makers understand your needs in the local community.  It is about celebrating diversity and not being ignored because of your differences.  It is about your and your right to be treated equally, whatever your local needs.

Whether you are a pan-disability group, mental health network, an access group, a concerned individual or anyone working for equality for people with lived experience of disability or health conditions this guide is full of tips on how to make a difference.

Download your copy.