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Charging into poverty?

Charging into Poverty?

Charges for care services at home and the national debate on adult care reform in England June 2008

'Charging into Poverty?' is a Coalition on Charging survey which looks at the impact homecare service charges have on disabled people, older people and carers.

The survey reveals that:

  • 80% of individual respondents who no longer use care services say charges played a part in the decision to end using services.
  • A fifth (22%) of people currently using services suggested they would also stop if charges rise.
  • 29% of individual respondents do not feel their essential expenditure (related to impairment/health condition) is taken into account in financial assessments to pay charges.
  • A third (34%) of individuals believe they have no choice overthe services they use.
  • Nearly three quarters (72%) of individuals and 81% of organisations believe the Government should consider servicecharges for support at home in adult care reform plans.

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