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In the making news

This page contains information related to 'In the Making' events and 3D printing


3D Printing: What's it about and what can it do for you? - blog by Dr Nick Taylor, Lecturer at the University of Dundee - 1 February 2016

DR UK meets with Disabilities Minister about our In the Making project - 27 January 2016


Making Community: The Wider Role of Makerspaces in Public Life - 17 December 2015

3d print revolution for Salford disabled people - Article in the Salford Star - 13 December 2015

Fab Lab event held in Swinton - 26 November 2015

Report Fab Lab event held in Swinton, Salford – 26 November 2015. - See more at: http://www.disabilityrightsuk.org/news/2015/december/fab-lab-event-held-...

Disabled entrepreneurs and new technology - What if young unemployed disabled people had been trained in the use of personal computers in the 80’s? Would they not only be first in line for jobs, but also now be driving the economy.” Read the full article in the Engineering and Technology Magazine - 6 November 2015

Report from our Eccles Fab Lab workshop - 9 October 2015

Medics print first 3D windpipe to help girl with serious lung condition - September 2015

Could you be a Fab Pioneer? An invitation to all disabled people living in the city of Salford - September 2015

Fab Lab event held at  Irlam - September 2015

Our Mobile Fab Lab launch event - August 2015

3D Printed Hands Short-listed for £50,000 Prize - July 2015


DR UK visits London Hackspace - November 2014

DR UK invites Kate Green to visit FabLab - October 2014