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Support for I Can Make It

Here are some supporters for our I Can Make It project

Chef Michel Roux Jr

Chef Michel Roux Jr © Channel 4 & Hal Shinnie

"It is essential that all young people have the opportunity to participate in the workforce regardless of disability. However we need to break down the barriers to employment that many young disabled people face, and also think about how jobs are designed.

"I Can Make It" provides precisely the tools needed to facilitate this: the knowledge and expertise of the people who know most about it; young disabled people. 

I therefore urge employers to contact Disability Rights UK to find out how the campaign can support them."

Social Enterprise UK

Social Enterprise UK

"Social Enterprise UK was instrumental in helping pass the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012, which places an obligation on public bodies to consider how the services they commission and procure might improve the economic, social and environmental well-being of the area they operate in. 

We are delighted that with their innovative “I Can Make It” campaign, Disability Rights UK is supporting procurement teams and commissioners in local authorities across England, to increase the employment opportunities of young people with disabilities and long term health conditions."

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson

"At Johnson and Johnson we have a mandate to make a positive impact on communities and society at large.

We do this in part by procuring from social enterprises that provide us with quality goods and services, whilst employing people who would otherwise find it difficult to find and keep a job; including people with disabilities and long term health conditions.  We are already working successfully with several businesses that employ disabled and disadvantaged people. 

“I Can Make It” is a great programme as it offers support to organisations who like us, want to create social value through their supply chain."

Orbis Tech

Orbis Tech

“Orbis Tech develops uniquely scalable software solutions for the hospitality, fuel and retail markets and some of our clients include well-known national and international organisations. 

In the past we have consulted disabled people working in the hospitality and retail industries to enable us to refine the user interface of some of our till points, to make them more accessible and straight forward to use.  This unique insight was invaluable to us and illustrates the business case for employing disabled people.

“I Can Make It” can help your organisation to create sustainable employment opportunities for young people with disabilities and health conditions, whilst adding unique and diverse perspectives to your business plans; it makes good sense all round.”