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I Can Make it wishes to engage with procurement professionals.

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“I Can Make It” is a three year campaign led by Disability Rights UK.  Its aim is to create new job opportunities for young disabled people using the Social Value Act as its main driver. 

Facilitated by the “I Can Make It” team, the campaign engages young disabled people – known as Volunteer Champions - to meet with key council decision makers such as procurement professionals and supply chain managers, to raise awareness of the huge benefits of employing young disabled people.   Many local authorities are keen to adopt the Social Value Act in the commissioning of public services, yet lack the vital guidance needed at the pre-procurement phase.  Consulting an organisation such as Disability Rights UK is a simple yet obvious way of working together to realise some of the shared aims of the Social Value Act.

We have made an excellent start and are already building strong relationships in Local Authorities across England.  One council has taken on a young disabled person as a modern apprentice within their own procurement team to help facilitate real change and add value.  Some short films showing young disabled people explaining what work means to them can be seen at:  https://www.youtube.com/user/DisabilityRightsUK1  

The “I Can Make It” team is keen to speak with council procurement professionals to identify and deliver opportunities for young disabled people, particularly in and around our identified target cities: Birmingham; Bristol; Brighton; Hull; Leeds; Leicester; Liverpool; Manchester; Newcastle; Nottingham; Norwich; Sheffield and Southampton. Other areas where you feel we can really make a difference will also be considered.

If you think your organisation might be able to get involved, please contact Anna Denham at anna.denham@disabilityrightsuk.org

I Can Make It