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Get Yourself Active

Disability Rights UK is in partnership with Sport England to increase the number of disabled people playing sport or to access sporting opportunities.

We are particularly keen to explore ways to help disabled people on personal budgets.

Get Yourself Active #WhatsYourPB @GetYrselfActive

Welcome to Get Yourself Active a project which is all about finding ways to help you get active and feel physically and mentally well. The project is run by DR UK, funded by Sport England and we are working with our three partners Leicester Centre for Integrated Living, Cheshire Centre for Independent Living and Equal Lives (Norfolk).

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Adult Games, Active Norfolk

We think that if you have a personal budget or personal health budget you should be able to include physical activity and sport in your support plan if you choose. We, along with our partners are going to be working hard to find ways to make this happen.

We believe that this is more than a project, it’s a movement towards thinking more creatively about how we can get involved in physical activity and sport, that’s why we want to hear from you!

We want you to tell us what’s your PB? What does it mean to you? Personal best? Personal budget?

This will mean different things to different people but if you are on twitter please tell us your PB using #WhatsYourPB. Alternatively you can email us at leanne.wightman@disabilityrightsuk.org

The Get Yourself Active webpages include links to our partners contact details, updates on the work we are doing and blogs from us and our Get Yourself Active friends, please take a look around!

You can find more information on the project in our press release

Sport England Personal Budgets Project