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Heating links

Manages the warm front scheme

energy saving trust 
Set up to deliver energy efficiency to domestic, business, local government and trade sectors. Can provide grants to public bodies for community heating schemes for people on low income.

home heat helpline
Help and advice is offered on payment methods, grants and benefits such as winter fuel payments, cold weather payments, pension credits, disability benefits and age related payments. Advisers will also offer help on how to stay healthy in cold weather and how to conserve heat.

national energy action
Develops and promotes energy efficiency services to tackle the heating and insulation problems of low-income households. Working in partnership with central and local government; with fuel utilities (for example the Realising Energy Efficient Communities and Homes (REECH) project with British Gas), housing providers and health services; and with consumer organisations, NEA aims to eradicate fuel poverty and campaigns for greater investment in energy efficiency to help those who are poor or vulnerable.