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Health service links

my nhs
This database shows the key data used by the NHS and local councils to monitor performance and shape the services you use. The database covers Hospitals, Social Care, Public Health services and Public Health outcomes. Information on Care Provides is also available as part of NHS choices.

nhs choices
The NHS choices website provides information on many different health conditions and services. It is designed to give people as much information as possible to make health choices.

the parliamentary and health services ombudsman
In some cases a complaint will relate to professional competence or ethics of a doctor, nurse or other health professional. In these cases the complaint should be made to the relevant registration or professional body such as the General Medical Council or the General Nursing Council.

patient advocacy and liaison service
In England each NHS Trust area or hospital has a PALS unit that can advise and support you with any concerns you have about local health services. For information on your local PALS ask your GP, health centre, clinic or hospital, phone NHS direct or visit their website.