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Conference and AGM 2018

Annual General Meeting and Conference: Tuesday 6 November at Resource for London, 10.30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

DR UK would like to thank the speakers, attendees and our own staff for making our #Right2Participate Conference/AGM such a great event.

The Conference theme was The Right to Participate, a project that Disability Rights UK is running with support from the Legal Education Foundation

You can download the conference agenda


The conferance was officially opened by Kamran Mallick, CEO, Disability Rights UK

The Right to Participate Video

The Right to Participate video was shown with an introduction by Michael Paul, Head of Advice and Operations, DR UK.

Our speaker on the project was Kamran Mallick.

The Right to Participate - Education

Video from the morning sessions on education and campaigning

Rabia Lemahieu, from DR UK's Disability and Skills Unit, talked about the education section of our website which includes information on the Equality Act, how to effectively engage with education providers and template complaint letters.

How to lead a great campaign?

Lauren West, Sarah Gayton ad  Kamran Mallick

Lauren West, Trailblazers Manager, Muscular Dystrophy UK, gave a presentation on Trailblazers campaigning.

Sarah Gayton, National Federation of the Blind of the UK, talked about her work on halting the use of shared spaces.

Table discussions

The discussions were to get ideas from participants on where and how DR UK and its members could campaign.

Sue Bott

Delegates were asked to choose a campaign issue and discuss how they would plan it.

Feedback and sharing

Campaign discussions

This was a very lively session. Among the suggestions for campaigns were:

  1. Campaigning against inconsiderate cyclists

  2. How to implement disability rights without access to legal aid

  3. Restore the Independent Living Fund

  4. Portable ramps for shops, something which Ministers are currently blocking

  5. Full accountability for social care funding

  6. Review of client contributions to social care

  7. Reinstating dedicated social workers to service users

  8. A more appropriate, benefit system for disabled people

  9. "It's normal to us" campaign following the case of someone sacked following a seizure

  10. "Safe spaces, not shared spaces"

  11. Abolish car parking charges in hospitals - Wales and Scotland have already done this so why not England?
DR UK will be publishing a social care report next week. Watch our website for details.
We will be considering these suggestions for inclusion in our priorities for next year. Anyone interested in helping with these please contact us

Disability Rights UK AGM

Video of the AGM

Only Disability Rights UK members could vote at the AGM.

Kamran talked about the work done by DR UK over the past year and changes to the working of the organisation.These include:

The organisation has now moved premises and has a more flexible working arrangement for staff.

The Right to Participate – Work

Mik Scarlet

Mik Scarlet, Expert in Access and Inclusion, gave a very lively and interesting talk, based his experiences, growing up with a disability and also in working in the media

Mik Scarlet speaks at Disability Rights UK's conference

Closing remarks

DR UK Trustee Chair, Martin Stevens, gave closing remarks and thanks.

Not forgetting the contribution and support from DR UK staff