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Blogs and forums

carers uk
Various forums on care issues.

children and adults with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
Provides a support network and forum.

enabled by design
This is an online community of people sharing their loves, hates and ideas, about assistive equipment. The site has product reviews.

learning disabilities elf
The Learning Disabilities Elf aims to bring you the latest learning disabilities evidence that is published each week.

jan sutton
Jan is a severely disabled woman who used to work in social care. She wants to see the day when disabled people will be regarded as active citizens in our society with the same rights and responsibilities as non-disabled people.

pain concern
Pain Concern is a registered charity offering information and support for people who live with pain, those who care for and about them. It campaigns on pain issues, provides a helpline for pain sufferers, a quarterly Pain Matters magazine, a forum and free leaflets to help people manage their pain.

Has discussion forums on benefits.

the student room
World's biggest online student community, get study help, personal & professional advice & access to student guides.

Has a number of forums and discussion boards on benefits, disability aids and equipment, disabled singles, legal, motoring etc.