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Benefits in hospital

What is a day in hospital?

For personal independence payment, adult disability payment, disability living allowance, child disability payment and attendance allowance, both the day you are admitted and the day you are discharged count as days out of hospital.

For all other benefits, the day you are admitted is treated as a day out of hospital and the day you are discharged is treated as a day in hospital.

Not affected by a stay in hospital

  • armed forces independence payment
  • bereavement support payment
  • child tax credit
  • maternity allowance
  • state pension 
  • statutory adoption pay
  • statutory maternity pay
  • statutory paternity pay
  • statutory shared parental pay
  • statutory parental bereavement pay
  • statutory sick pay
  • widowed parents allowance

Some effect when you stay in hospital

council tax support - check with your local council.

industrial injuries benefits - not affected apart from constant attendance allowance, which stops after four weeks

severe disablement allowance - continues as long as you continue to meet the other qualifying conditions

child disability payment - if your child goes into hospital, child disability payment should continue to be paid indefinitely, as long as your child continues to meet the other qualifying conditions.

war pensions - may be increased when you go into hospital, if the treatment is for the war injury. Constant attendance allowance and war pensioners’ severe disablement occupational allowance stop after four weeks.

working tax credit (WTC) - is only affected if you cease to be treated as employed and therefore no longer qualify for WTC. Inform HM Revenue & Customs of such a change of circumstances to avoid unnecessary underpayment or overpayment.

Other benefits


attendance allowance

carer's allowance

child benefit

disability living allowance 

guardian's allowance

housing benefit

income support

new style employment and support allowance

new style jobseeker's allowance

pension credit

personal independence payment and adult disability payment

universal credit

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