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Press Office

Contact our Press Office

For media enquiries call 07590 929 441 (this number is for journalists only, it is not an advice or enquiry line).

Our press and media releases are listed in the yearly archives on the left hand side of this page.

Our press releases for 2018 are listed below in subject order.

Our work as a whole

Brexit: Should disabled people care? - 5 October 2018

Government report to UN on our rights 'clutching at straws' - 12 September 2018

DR UK CEO Kamran Malick's Global Summit Speech - 24 July 2018

DR UK statement on the Global Disability Summit - 17 July 2018

DR UK comments on the Spring Statement - 13 March 2018

Disability Rights UK named as charity of the year - 13 February 2018

More than £1 million for 10 new DRILL research projects led by disabled people - 18 January 2018

1. Independent living: getting a life


DR UKs work with Starship Technologies - 18 April 2018


Disability benefit spending reduced by £5 billion over the last decade - 24 September 2018

Half of DLA claimants still losing higher mobility rate support on moving to PIP - 20 September 2018

Disabled people's poverty worse than govt estimates - 18 September 2018

4 out of 10 PIP claimants do not appeal as it would be too stressful - 10 September 2018

DR UK condemns austerity cult as disabled man kills himself after £20 benefit cut - 4 September 2018

DR UK says that “dire” Universal Credit system not fit for managed migration: response to SSAC consultation - 20 August 2018

Our concerns over timetable for moving existing disabled claimants to UC - 31 July 2018

DR UK demands to know why only 18.1% of PIP awards have been for an indefinite period - 27 July 2018

DR UK reaction to Public Accounts Committee report on Employment and Support Allowance underpayments – 18 July 2018

Ten year PIP reviews for people with most severe health conditions - 18 June 2018

Atos and Capita 2 year extension continues problems: PIP videos may cause more - 7 June 2018

DWP say sanctions early warning letters make little difference to the outcomes of claimants - 22 May 2018

Disabled people lose legal aid in 99% of benefits disputes - 15 April 2018

DR UK says public sector should do disability benefits assessments - 9 April 2018

DR UK welcomes the Govt review of 1.6 million PIP cases but... - 30 January 2018

DR UK welcomes Govt decision not to appeal PIP psychological distress judgement - 19  January 2018

Government reject recommendation to automatically send PIP claimants their assessment report - 15 January 2018

What we would like to see from Esther McVey - 9 January 2018

Around 75,000 claimants have been underpaid ESA but won’t get all their money back - 4 January 2018

Health and social care

Ministers and councils urged to dump ‘disability tax’ - 12 November 2018

No more avoidable deaths: hospitals must be safe places for disabled people - 13 September 2018

Mental Capacity (Amendment) Bill will take our rights backwards - 5 September 2018

DR UK welcomes the new LGA report  on adult social care - 31 July 2018

GMB research says at least 166,000 in Social Care Debt and more than 1,100 taken to court - 5 June 2018

Indignity of disabled man waiting 2 years for home adaptations - 8 May 2018

Crisis threatens London social care services following Brexit - 28 March 2018

We welcome Public Accounts Committee findings on continuing healthcare funding - 17 January 2018

DR UK partnership with CQC and the Tell Us About Your Care project extended - 12 January 2018


EHRC report on disabled people in housing crisis - 11 May 2018

Sport and leisure

Get Yourself Active reacts to Sport England statement on why sport for disabled people matters - 12 July 2018

GOGA Peer Mentors celebrate with a massive thank you to mark Volunteers Week - 1 June 2018


Disabled people delivering professional training with lived experience is a potent mix - 20 September 2018

Comment on TransPennine Express's decision to run rail services with no wheelchair spaces - 31 May 2018

New rail Govia Thameslink timetable an insult to disabled passengers - 18 May 2017

DR UK signs petition against shared space and presents letter to PM - 11 May 2018

Disability Rights UK opposes driver only operation on trains - 26 April 2018

Millions of motorists misuse disabled parking spaces - 27 March 2018

DR UK welcomes Govt acceptance of task group recommendations for bus wheelchair spaces - 8 March 2018

DR UK ambassador appointed Sector Champion for Rail - 27 February 2018

2. Career opportunities – getting work, education and skills

Proposed Trade Bill threatens rights of disabled people - 17 July 2018

Financial Times published its first ever supplement on Disability and the workplace - 14 May 2018

DR UK CEO. Kamran Mallick, speaks at Naidex - 25 April 2018

Pledgeathon event at Financial Times HQ marks new approach to fair chance of a job for disabled people - 20 March 2018

Brexit threatens key funding for disabled people - 27 February 2018

DR UK helps secure the first backbench Commons debate on Disabled People and Economic Growth - 22 February 2018

3. Influencing public attitudes and behaviours

DR UK on the Sunny and Shay show - 4 May 2018

Disability coalition calls for talks with prime minister over human catastrophe - 28 February 2018

Brexit threatens key funding for disabled people - 27 February 2018