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Disability Action Alliance

The Government has announced its response to the Disability Strategy consultation (Fulfilling Potential – Next Steps).

3 October 2012

The Office for Disability Issues (ODI, in the Department for Work and Pensions) intends to establish a ‘Disability Action Alliance’. This new alliance will bring together organisations from across the public, private, and voluntary and community sectors, with the aim of building collaborative ways of working – both locally and nationally.

The agenda and priorities of the Alliance will be led by disabled people – and it will aim to help implement the practical solutions that disabled people and disabled people's organisations have suggested. The Alliance will agree its own objectives and terms of reference.

Disability Rights UK is very pleased to have been asked to bring together the Alliance. We believe that we are well placed to convene this new model of co-production, as a UK-wide organisation led by disabled people and with a presence in local communities (through our network of members including Centres for Independent Living).

Disability Rights UK will put disabled people's voices and experiences at its heart and we hope the Alliance will create opportunities to achieve better outcomes for disabled people and real improvements in services.

We are not contracted with the ODI and we do not receive funding. ODI will support the alliance with practical assistance.
Please email: fulfilling.potential@dwp.gsi.gov.uk if you would like to be involved.

Disability Rights UK continues to fight for disabled people's rights to play a full and equal part in society – in particular aimed at our objectives:

  • promoting meaningful independent living for disabled people;
  • promoting disabled people’s leadership and control;
  • breaking the link between disability and poverty; and
  • campaigning for disability equality and human rights.

We see the Alliance as a key means of supporting disabled people and helping deliver our objectives.