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Press Office

Contact our Press Office

For media enquiries call 07590 929 441 (this number is for journalists only, it is not an advice or enquiry line).

Our press and media releases are listed in the yearly archives on the left hand side of this page.

Our press releases for 2017 are listed below in subject order.

General policy

Tribute to Lorraine Gradwell - 4 September 2017

Our priorities for the new government - 9 June 2017

Eleven new disability research projects receive £1 million as DRILL calls for new bids - 16 May 2017

Three questions to ask your parliamentary candidates - 2 May 2017

Obituary: Wycliffe Noble - 28 April 2017

Disability Rights UK announces new chief executive - 18 April 2017

1. Independent living: getting a life

Charities make three Autumn Budget proposals to PM Theresa May - 15 September 2017

A human catastrophe – New UN condemnation for UK human rights record - 31 August 2017

UN Committee Calls for UK Wide Strategy on Disability - 25 August 2017

Disabled people take complaints about UK Government’s rights record to the United Nations - 21 August 2017

Our priority is to live independently - not produce Paralympians - says DR UK - 14 July 2017

Southern rail fine welcomed but still only a slap on the wrist - 14 July 2017

As TfL belatedly introduce iBus automated messages following the Paulley decision, we once again ask for a law change - 11 July 2017

As high proportion of disabled people forced to use food banks we demand Government sees it, says it and sorts it - 30 June 2017

We welcome the findings of Public Accounts Committee - 58th Report - Local support for people with a learning disability - 26 April 2017

Access to the built environment needs urgent improvement (Building for Equality report) - 25 April 2017

DR UK is pleased that amendments have been made to Bus Services Bill in line with the Paulley decision - 15 March 2017

DR UK gives evidence to the UNCRPD in Geneva - 13 March 2017

DR UK launches UNCRPD evidence report in House of Lords - 9 March 2017

DR UK disappointed that Bill to equalise time limits for abortion talked out - 1 March 2017

Disabled people tell UN committee that UK is failing on international rights convention - 30 January 2017

DR UK welcomes debate on abortion and disability - 30 January 2017

Paulley case is an important milestone – and more legal clarification needed - 18 January 2017

An important message from DR UK CEO Liz Sayce - 17 January 2017

DR UK concerns over any funding settlement for health and social care - 11 January 2017

New DR UK CQC ‘Tell Us About Your Care’ partnership - 9 January 2017


Disability charities urge the Government to get a grip on PIP in new report - 14 September 2017

DR UK FOI indicates half of DLA claimants lose their higher mobility rate support on moving to PIP - 4 July 2017

Liz Sayce discusses Motability and PIP appeal delays on the Stuart Linnell show (BBC Radio Northampton) - 3 May 2017

DR UK representations stop 55% week ESA cut to under 25s - 26 April 2017

Changes to PIP should help some Motability users - 21 April 2017

DR UK response to news of 'extortionate' benefit assessors payouts - 14 April 2017

Disability Rights UK calls for immediate reform of disgraceful PIP mobility rules - as more than 50,000 disabled people lose motability vehicles - 12 April 2017

DR UK raises concerns about PIP changes to the Minister for Disabled People - 15 March 2017

Disability costs must be covered before applying £30 ESA cut say Work and Pensions Committee - 3 February 2017

2. Career opportunities – getting work, education and skills

Taylor fails to offer anything tailored to the problem of getting disabled people into work - 11 July 2017

DR UK calls for more coordinated and flexible support for disabled entrepreneurs - 3 May 2017

DR UK welcomes U turn on NI class 4 contributions hike - 15 March 2017

DR UK welcomes initiatives regarding disabled apprentices - 13 January 2017

3. Influencing public attitudes and behaviours

Eleven new disability research projects receive £1 million as DRILL calls for new bids - 16 May 2017

Paulley case is an important milestone – and more legal clarification needed - 18 January 2017