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Our Strategy

Equal participation for all: DR UK strategy 2020-23

Below we set out our headline strategy.


To create a society where disabled people have equal power, rights and equality of opportunity.  


We campaign for the rights of all disabled people to be included in every aspect of life. We bring the lived experiences of disabled people to everything we do. We challenge policy makers, institutions and individuals to remove the barriers that exist for us. 

Strategic priorities

1.    Building a Movement 

To achieve an equal society, we will build a movement, which strengthens the collective and individual voices of disabled people’s organisations and disabled people to achieve change.

2.    Independent Living  

To enable us to live with choice and control, we will campaign for Equality in everyday life and for the support that disabled people need to lead the lives we choose. 

3.    Inclusive economic opportunities  

To ensure that disabled people have opportunities to work and to thrive in employment and enterprise. To ensure they have the money they need to meet the additional costs of disability, we will campaign for a benefits system that enables dignity and equality. 

4.    Influencing Public Attitudes and Behaviours  

To create a narrative about disabled people which reflects our intrinsic value - we matter because we are human, we matter because we are here. We will increase the visibility of disabled people and challenge negative perceptions.  

Strategic objectives  

The following objectives will enable us to deliver our strategic priorities.  

External objectives 

Objective 1: Members/Member Organisations  

To create compelling reasons for more disabled people from diverse communities and their organisations to join us.  To create with our members effective, collaborative relationships that meet their needs and enable engagement in our policy work.  

Objective 2: Policy, Research and Communications 

To challenge and influence legislation, national policy and practice that creates an inclusive society for all disabled people with a particular focus on diversity and intersectionality.  We will engage with disability organisations and disabled individuals, promote research and evidence, collaborate with allies, challenge and work with politicians and decision makers and communicate effectively 

To promote disability equality and our strategic priorities, we will lead the conversation on disability.  We will speak out about inequality, work collaboratively with allies, create new strategic alliances and engage with stakeholders including members, politicians and decision makers, partners, media organisations, funders and the wider public. 

Objective 3: Consultancy and Training 

To improve organisational policy and practice, we will work with public and private services, to develop programmes of action, which improve their strategic, policy and engagement approaches to disabled customers and employees.  

Objective 4: Advice to Individuals 

To empower individual disabled people and those who support them, we will provide high quality advice and information, to enable disabled people to resolve problems and to live more independently. 

Internal objectives 

Internal objective 1: Impact and Evaluation  

We will strengthen and build our Impact and Evaluation capability and capacity in 5 phases over the next 3 years including: Research and Staff engagement, Theory of Change Development, Data Review, Framework Planning and Implementation. We will demonstrate our impact to stakeholders and potential allies so that DR UK is seen as the organisation to go to.  

Internal objective 2: Income  

To meet Resource needs, we will increase income from small trusts and foundations, ensure profitability from Training and consultancy, build/maintain the relevant strategic partnerships, government contract pipelines and develop a donor base including regular donations and legacy pledges. We will create a digital fundraising strategy. 

Internal objective 3: Diversity  

We will seek out the diverse voices of disabled people across the country.  We will improve our data collection from members to better respond to disabled people’s holistic needs.  We will ensure that our staff, trustees, ambassadors, volunteers and members represent the diversity and intersectionality of disabled people in the UK.