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Our strategic plan

Equal participation for all: strategic plan 2016-19.

Our strategic plan sets out:

  • Our Vision
  • Our Mission
  • Our priorities for 2016-19
  • The future we want
  • Our intention to debate the ideas underpinning our work
  • How we will make an impact and evaluate it
  • How we will work with members
  • How we will work with partners

View our strategic plan

View the executive summary of our strategic plan

Endorsements of the Strategic plan

As an Ambassador for Disability Rights UK, I am pleased to offer my support to the board and CEO, and to not just endorse the newly released strategic plan as being 'the' way forward for disabled people, but also to promise to the best of my ability to engage in delivery of each of the three key aims.

What better way can there be than to support any overall policy which achieves meaningful independent living for disabled people, allied to promoting career opportunities through better education and utilisation of skills leading to a more fulfilled life.

A key move for the better has to be by us as disabled people influencing public attitudes and behaviours, and I know by current practice that being an active part of creating a change in public attitudes by jointly tackling misconceptions of disability and therefore reducing hostility has big outcomes vital for disabled people.

My direct work within the Criminal Justice system through work in challenging bullying and hate crime by using a range of existing mechanisms to improve confidence in disabled people to obtain appropriate justice is paramount to improving day to day lives of disabled people and I am delighted to commit to the DRUK aim of expanding and promoting 3rd party hate crime reporting in conjunction with the Disability Rights DHC toolkit of which I was a part creator.

We have an exciting time ahead. 

Stephen Brookes MBE