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Our priorities for 2020-23

Subject to resources we will do the following work.

1.    Building a Movement 

To achieve an equal society, we will build a movement, which strengthens the collective and individual voices of disabled people’s organisations and disabled people to achieve change.

2.    Independent Living  

To enable us to live with choice and control, we will campaign for Equality in everyday life and for the support that disabled people need to lead the lives we choose. 

3.    Inclusive economic opportunities  

To ensure that disabled people have opportunities to work and to thrive in employment and enterprise. To ensure they have the money they need to meet the additional costs of disability, we will campaign for a benefits system that enables dignity and equality. 

4.    Influencing Public Attitudes and Behaviours  

To create a narrative about disabled people which reflects our intrinsic value - we matter because we are human, we matter because we are here. We will increase the visibility of disabled people and challenge negative perceptions.