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Our Organisation

Disability Rights UK is the leading charity of its kind in the UK. We are run by and for people with lived experience of disability or health conditions.

Our key decisions are made through our members who elect the Board of Trustees: and by our Senior Management Team (SMT). We work with our members to influence national policy on independent living, benefits, education, employment, transport, human rights and other issues - shaping policy through direct experience and expertise.  We also work with our local individual and organisation members to empower and to influence local policy and services.

85% of our Trustees are disabled people; as are the majority of our staff. Our Articles of Association state that at least 75% of our Trustees will always be disabled people. Our Trustees and staff between them have a wide range of personal experiences of disability including mental health issues, autistic spectrum,  learning difficulties, sensory impairments, long-term health conditions and mobility impairments. We work hard to be inclusive and to understand and reflect the interests of everyone living with disability/health conditions.  Our staff and Trustees come from a range of communities and backgrounds, including different faiths and minority ethnic communities.